Meet the Smalls!

A Family Portrait of the Small Family

Hello there! 

So excited to get to know each of you better as we connect through this post! I’ve borrowed this content from Chapter 2 of my book, so you’ll have a head start reading it, if you haven’t already!

Because my book and this blog will share so much about my favorite people in the whole world (my family), I wanted to share with you a little tidbit about each person in my family. 

From oldest to youngest, we have:


Moses is 15 months old. He is almost always a very happy guy. Moses is always moving. He loves to make eye contact and climb over his siblings while they’re lying down. He doesn’t talk yet. He does make adorable little sounds. He also walks. He walks all over our house exploring and chewing on everything he can get his hands on. 

Because of this, we have rubber bands around all of our lower cupboard doors. He loves to climb up and down the stairs, over the couches, and on anything else he can find. He loves to be tickled and to play peekaboo. He loves to have fun and to go outside, especially in the mountains. Moses was born with an extraordinary grip and can hang from his hands (holding his own weight) for over eight seconds. 

My favorite thing about Moses is the way he gives his spectacular hugs. His hugs are full of warm, loving goodness! When Moses gives you a hug, you feel peace flowing out of him into you. It’s as if he is communicating pure, innocent, perfect love from his soul to yours. It feels so wonderful!


Miriam is a fireball. She is three and very active. Like Moses (who she calls “moe-dis”), she loves doing whatever her older siblings are doing, including climbing and going down the three-story slides at the local kids’ museum. She often leads the group in her enthusiasm to go hiking or climbing outside. “I wanna go kai-ming ou-tide!” she says. 

Miriam is very independent, preferring to do tasks “with my own self,” as she says. She gets herself dressed and eats food independently. Currently, she is having an identity crisis as she decides whether she is a baby, a little girl, or a big girl. If you tell her she is cute, she may tell you: “I’m not cute! I’m a baby!” Or she may say: “I’m not cute, I’m three!” She keeps us smiling and we try not to laugh at her cuteness, because she takes herself seriously.

John E

E is John’s middle initial, so we pronounce his name “Johnny.” He is five. John E is a very even-keeled little man. He’s somewhat serious about building towers, trucks, and spaceships with his legos, and creating adventure sagas with his astronaut toys. 

John E does not enjoy being tickled or kissed, although he does love a good laugh and is sometimes silly. He also defends us against imagined bad guys with his improvised swords and shields. Mostly, he plays in his own imagined worlds and is quite introverted. 

Periodically he spouts off a long, thoughtful opinion. Besides that, he typically provides one-word answers to our questions. John E enjoys having space from other people, and he is quieter and less in my face than his siblings (the opposite of baby Moses, who commands my attention with his copious eye contact, loud noises, and grabbing hands).


At eight years old and measuring three-and-a-half feet tall, Eli is old for his size. He could play legos all day long, every day. He builds cities. He builds robots. He builds spaceships and trucks of all sorts. Eli is a soft-natured little man, although he has a bold side. His mind is extremely logical, and he loves to be silly. If you ever meet him, ask him to do his silly dance. Eli often teams up to help his younger brother, John E to get ready for bed, go out, or even just cross the street. He also helps Miriam. 

One time I took all the kids to Costco on a Saturday (oops!) and Miriam wandered off into a fast-flowing crowd. Spontaneously and without hesitation, Eli darted after her. It took him a minute to catch up with her. When he did, Miriam wasn’t interested in returning to where I was with the rest of the kids. He persuaded her to come back. In a few minutes I saw them, Eli leading Miriam by the hand. Eli was confident, kind, persuasive, and determined. He is a good man to know. He is working on exhibiting these traits in more and more situations.


Nine-year-old Evie is also our bouncy ball. She enjoys building fairy gardens, cuddling with stuffed unicorns, climbing trees and cliffs, and having fun with friends. Her favorite colors are pink, purple, blue, and red. Evie is very crafty and spontaneously creates art projects around the house. She also enjoys drawing and using her makeup. Evie is a wonderful big sister and is working to balance her needs and wants with those of the people around her. She sometimes watches the other kids while my wife and I go for a walk around the block.

Mom (Peesh)

Peesh is my best friend and my better half. She is an introverted, intelligent, selfless, kind, caring, thoughtful, studious, ambitious, hard-working woman. She is beautiful and she loves beautiful things. She loves creating and organizing details. She is full of light. She loves to learn and is always improving. Peesh is the best person I could ever hope to be with forever, and I feel lucky for every single day I get to spend with her. Being married to Peesh is a 5-star experience. 


If you have the opportunity to team up with a significant other, co-parent, grandparent, nanny, babysitter, child care provider, or anyone who plays a role in the caregiving of your kids, it is highly recommended to recruit their support and request them to read this book in order to support your efforts. You can even use The 5-Star Approach to request their help. You can make it a 5-star experience for them.

Dad (Tyler)

Me? I love my family and would spend every day all day long with them if I could. Sometimes I find myself being a workaholic in an effort to improve our financial stability and I struggle to find a balance. 

I do enjoy taking my kids out on the weekends to give Peesh a break. I love to take them hiking and backpacking year-round and rock climbing as soon as the snow melts off the rocks. I’m constantly entertained by my kids. I have my down days and I have a long way to go as a parent. I am very grateful for the rapid progress I’ve made since I discovered, adopted, and documented The 5-Star Approach to Parenting. 

Because I spent most of the last decade professionally researching and designing leadership experiences for the business world, much of the research and science behind my book and this blog are based on cutting edge corporate leadership practices. For this reason, I’m confident that by using this book, you and your children will become better leaders and influencers in every aspect of your lives. 

Talk to me!

What similarities and differences do you see between my family and yours?

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