The 5-Star Approach to Leadership

Transforming your

work relationships

from Good to Great

Whether you work on site or remotely, great relationships enable you to work faster, make better decisions, and accomplish more. It’s also a lot more fun (and lucrative) to be well-liked at work.

With so many people now working from home, professional relationships need a new approach. We’re here to coach you through the transition.

Live Relationship Coaching

Your 1-on-1 coach will help you troubleshoot your relationship and practice for tough conversations in a weekly 30-minute session. Each coach has experience across many industries, and is an expert in The 5-Star Approach.

The Ultimate Relationship Question

Relationship progress can be difficult to decipher. The Ultimate Relationship Question (and its sidekick) bring instant clarity and direction to any relationship. Our coaching, video library, and program workbook will support you in asking this and other key questions.

Three Simple Steps to Apply in Any Situation

The 5-Star Approach helps you design experiences that build a 5-Star Relationship quickly and efficiently. Even if you’re already embroiled in an argument, the three steps help you prioritize the relationship and come out on top – together. It is the EASIEST way to improve a relationship.

Our Promise:

This is the fastest, easiest way to build great relationships at work.

Tyler Small, Founder & CEO

Our Flagship Programs

Each program includes a human coach (an expert on The 5-Star Approach), online resources, and a workbook to walk you through everyday application, step by step.


In this program, you will transform 1 relationship in 1 month. This is an accelerated program for leaders and professionals who work very closely with a boss, direct report, co-worker, vendor, or client. For 30 days, you’ll receive weekly coaching and work through your workbook to move the relationship from Good to Great. After 30 days, you’ll retain full access to the online resource library for a year.


In this program, you will transform 6 relationships in 6 months. This program is best for leaders and professionals who need to move the needle on several important work relationships. It leverages all the same tools as the 1-Month Program, with 5 more months of weekly coaching, and an extended workbook to include 6 relationships. The 6-in-6 program is also a delightful, cutting edge alternative to the traditional 360 Performance Review.


In this program, you will transform 12 relationships in 12 months. This program is ideal if you’re starting out in a new or toxic environment, if you’re looking for a promotion, or if your leadership and/or social skills need serious improvement. All of these are very complex situations. In this program we give you some additional premium coaching, and coach you for a longer period to help you juggle more relationships.

The Secret Sauce

Hyper-Effective, High Touch, Virtual, Scalable Culture Transformation – For a Bargain

How do we do so much with so little? For over a decade we’ve been studying and experimenting with how to measure and accelerate action and results in helping leaders and professionals grow their leadership skills (i.e. culture, relationships, diversity and inclusion, social skills, emotional intelligence, kindness, etc.). We are the first culture company to directly measure on-the-job application. Not only is it measured, it’s measured by program participants, so they immediately have the data they need to make better decisions about their relationships. We’ve also dialed the live coaching structure to be a power-packed 15-minutes, complimented by automated virtual trainings. Finally, the daily activity workbooks are strategically easy to complete. It’s simple. Simplicity is our secret sauce.

How many new 5-Star relationships do want your people to have this month?