A Family Portrait of the Small Family

Hi, I’m Tyler and welcome to my website! You can expect blog posts talking about my life being a working dad and my experiences developing the 5-Star Approach to parenting and life.

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You can now order The 5-Star Approach to Parenting: Three Simple Steps Toward Happy Cooperation and Positive Attitudes right now! You can purchase the Kindle and paperback versions here!

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Peesh and Tyler’s Love Story – How It Began

Alright, you got me. I don’t have a romantic bone in my body. I did want to share the beginning of Peesh and I’s love story. You can read about my awkward dating life later in my soon to be released book: The 5-Star Approach to Thriving as a Couple. For now, you should know […]

A Family Portrait of the Small Family

Meet the Smalls!

Hello there!  So excited to get to know each of you better as we connect through this post! I’ve borrowed this content from Chapter 2 of my book, so you’ll have a head start reading it, if you haven’t already! Because my book and this blog will share so much about my favorite people in […]

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